Wild Food Cafe (Covent Garden)

Raw-centric, innovative plant food

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London is full of nooks and crannies, and Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden has got to be the most colourful nook of them all.


Since this city gets more than its fair share of overcast days, allow yourself to be cheered up by stepping into this lovely little enclave. The Wild Food Café sits above Neal’s Yard Apothecary (worth a visit as it is a cruelty free company with a long list of vegan products) and can’t be missed with its huge bright blue Georgian windows. 

The vibe is relaxed and hippy, despite being busy (good sign) and those big windows have all been flung open allowing the sunshine (yes London!) to stream through onto the large communal wooden tables. An open kitchen gives the feeling we are in someone’s home rather than a restaurant, and all the customers are our mates, rather than fellow diners. Blenders are whizzing, people are chatting, the place is LIVELY. At one point a waiter asks me to briefly move so he can rummage under my seat for a tin of olives. Rather than being affronted I find it charming. Who doesn’t love those Tiny Homes storage solutions on YouTube?

The walls are painted an Angels Delight pink with an Indian style tree mural and brightly coloured bunting draped across the windows. You get the vibe, right? 

To keep things colourful I order the Green Burger. And, no kidding, the bun is a lurid green colour with a raw pink olive and shiitake mushroom patty, macadamia nut ‘feta’ cheese, raw pickles and drizzled in their house sauce. The bun itself is warm with the patty being raw and cold. Kind of an opposite burger? Sounds weird but the flavours play off each other perfectly and I can’t help but wonder if I’ll ever be able to return to a normal beige coloured bun.

Wild Food Café has another restaurant in Islington which is more sleek and contemporary in appearance, while their Neal’s Yard branch ticks the vegan hippy box. Whatever your preference, the food is a rainbow on your plate and feels authentically stemmed in the roots of the plant based movement. 

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