Deliciously Ella

Live better. Be useful. Make vegetables cool.


Another sunny afternoon (London, you are shining like Ariana Grande’s face this winter) and I’m off to check out national treasure Ella Mills’s café Deliciously Ella on Weighhouse Street which is in the epicentre of town and yet feels like a tranquil escape from the madness of Oxford Street. 


Deliciously Ella is a famous brand in the UK, as their energy balls, breakfast cereals and oat bars are sold in supermarkets up and down the country, along with five (FIVE!) cook books to date and more on the way. Ella is a powerhouse and we’re glad she now has her husband Matt on board to help drive their company to dizzying heights. I think we’re a little bit in love with them.

So was I surprised there was a queue out the door at lunchtime? Nope. I was just delighted there was a Labrador puppy in front of me. Any place that welcomes dogs automatically gets a gold star from this vegan city.  While in the queue, a waitress chalks my name on a board and goes off to find a table for me.  This is unreal! I tell you what IS real…  the fear of queuing and then finding out there is nowhere to actually sit and enjoy your food.  Ok as far as fears go this one is in the first world category, so let’s nix that last statement.

Once inside (sorry, this review is going to be long as I’m already on the fourth para and have only just entered the building) I see the counter is piled high with plant based treats – oaty, chocolatey, nutty, peanut buttery, bananary…. They say ‘which one?’ I say ‘Nah, I want all of ‘em’ (I’m going to reference ‘7 rings’ as much as possible). In addition to these I get a pick and mix of the salads on offer today. Striped chargrilled aubergine dressed and sprinkled with tahini and pomegranates respectively, herby green bean and broccoli salad with a nutty pesto dressing that immediately transports me to summer, and sweet potato with a turmeric dressing along with a dollop of cumin hummus. Talk about eating the rainbow. I’ve also just noticed everyone is extremely attractive in here. Plants are magic!

For the first time I try cashew coconut milk in my turmeric latte and the creaminess is off the charts. I also get a deep greens cold pressed juice to drink on foot back to the office, because I’m not sure I’ve hit my greens quota today. Just kidding!

Ambience wise the café is as you would expect if you follow Deliciously Ella on instagram (and you do right? She has 2 million followers), it’s airy, calm and beautifully decorated with glass jars of grains and pulses, botanical prints and dried flowers. You’ll probably leave here feeling zen and clean, until you stumble anywhere close to Oxford Street.

TUBE: Bond Street
PRICE: £££