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Renowned TV chef Gizzi Erskine has collaborated with nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson to create London’s latest burger joint F!LTH in Shoreditch. 


This is no ordinary burger joint though…  the 100% vegan disarmingly meaty patty is made from black bean, black quinoa, non GMO soy mince blended with umami paste and comes in two different burgers – the Pure Filth which is your more typical offering of onions, beetroot ketchup (ok nothing typical about that), and pickles wedged between beetroot and sesame buns, and then there’s the Seoul burger, an Asian style twist with kimchi (hooray for gut health!), pear bulgogi (had to google this one), gochujang aioli (thank you again, google) squished between carrot and turmeric buns. Add some American Beer Cheese, which loosely translates to that naughty bright yellow runny stuff everyone loves and a side of fries that come sprinkled with some kind of magic seaweed miso dust and you’ve pretty much completed F!LTH’s menu. Ok ok there’s a salad too. I wonder how many of those they’re selling? No word of a lie the burgers fall apart faster than your ex when you said cheerio but that’s because they’re special burgers. They’re made from PLANTS people. And they’re seriously good. Ask anyone… ask David Beckham. Victoria also went… ok, so they’ve sold at least one salad we know of. 

Gizzi and Rosemary have put all their energy into making nutritional yet delicious, junk yet clean food. Let’s just say those girls know how to future proof and business is gonna be good. Wear a bib, eat ‘em quick, and down a chocolate salted milkshake before you head back out into the parody of hipsterville that is Shoreditch. 

WEB: www.instagram.com/filthfoods/

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