Spoil yourself without spoiling yourself

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Filled your trunk with a little too much junk recently? Panic not, however much you’ve indulged you can fully redeem yourself at Redemption. All their food and drinks are free from refined sugar, wheat and alcohol, plus everything is made of…you guessed it… plants!


Redemption has not one but three locations in London. We visited their Westbourne Grove restaurant and were met by deep teal walls with matching teal seats beneath marble tables each adorned with a simple succulent which created a calm and relaxing vibe.

Buddha, lit by candles, props up the non-alcoholic bar where we went through the list of mocktails. The Flu Fighters Martini was punchy with its combination of ginger, citrus and aloe vera – the perfect remedy for those February sniffles. The Mojito was virtually indistinguishable from its boozier original. We’re not sure if it was the placebo effect but they gave us a buzzy Friday night feeling without the fear of a hangover. Ideal given it was a Tuesday.

The Pulled BBQ Jack had soaked up all the sweet and smoky flavours during cooking and was served in an oat bun (no gluten here) alongside Turmeric Super Slaw which shined off the plate it was so bright. We wondered if the Zucchini Pasta con Pesto might be a little slimy (zucchini…slimy…just us?) but nope it was cooked to perfection and disarmingly similar to regular wheat pasta, without the glutenous maximus. Sprinkled over the top was Brazil Nut Parmesan, something we can confirm is the MOST DELICIOUS VEGAN PARMESAN EVERRR. Bye for now cashew parmesan.

Finishing up with a Redemption Detox Tea to cleanse our lymphatic system with nettles, cleavers and marigold left us feeling zen, satisfied and kind to our bodies. Redemption has set us back on the straight and narrow…until tomorrow.


TUBE: Notting hill gate/ covent garden/ old street
PRICE: £££