Temple of Seitan

Accept no imitation imitations

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Temple of Seitan is one for those of you who are not so interested in sticking to a completely clean lifestyle. Who said you had to be healthy if you are vegan? This place is a true indulgence in the dirtier side of food. 


As we approached we noticed people sat outside devouring their meals. On one table were two bear like bearded men with sleeve tattoos who looked like they would probably roar off on a Harley Davidson after their vegan indulgence. It made us smile to see this wave of food was appealing to such a broad demographic. 

The place is small with limited bench seating outside, but this is convenience food and easy to take away. We went for Temple Spicy - chick’n fillet, chipotle mayo, coleslaw, cheese, jalapeños and sriracha, and also the Nashville Hot – hot dipped chick’n fillet, ranch mayo, lettuce and pickles. We each got some fries as this is not the place to be shy about the calories. Both burgers were delicious, the seitan was deceptively chicken like and was slathered in its appropriate sauces oozing out of the burger making hands messy and no doubt onto our faces and hair. For those who have grown up eating meat, the thrill of finding something with that nostalgic taste without it actually being an animal is very satisfying. One can only imagine how great this would also taste after a night out of drinking.  The burgers are large and you definitely feel you have been well fed after this meal. After wiping our salty sticky hands clean on shiny serviettes, we left with only a smidge of guilt for the indulgence we had committed, knowing that no chickens had endured a horrible death to have created this little piece of deep fried heaven. 

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