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Tanya’s café is a glimpse into the clean eating world of the eponymously named glowing owner. After dining here you will instantly want to go home afterwards and throw out anything that is remotely processed from your cupboards and also buy a dehydrating machine (more on that later).


Tanya’s menu is all raw, they pride themselves on serving mineral-packed or enzyme-rich pure living foods. All the ingredients are organic and free from gluten and refined sugars – one would think that food this pure would be rather boring, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Vibrant in their presentation and taste, a visit to this place is a real treat.

Situated a short walk from South Kensington station, Tanya’s is actually attached to one of the boutique MyHotels. Once through the hotel’s reception, it feels like you have entered a little green house in an adorable oasis. We went in the summer, and sat in their beautiful stone courtyard; high walls hide you away from the streets above and you are surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers.  

We went for the Coconut Jerky to start, chewy young coconut meat, coated in yummy spices and dehydrated below 42 degrees C to retain their enzymes (this is futuristic food!)  we also went for the BBQ spiced nuts and also the clear spring sea veg crispies. It was clear a lot of thought and care had been put into creating these dishes. The dehydration of the food is an interesting ‘cooking’ method giving the feeling that it had either been fried or baked, but keeping all the goodness inside.  For our main, we went for the Living Lasagna, which was layers of herbed cashew almond ricotta, sun-dried tomato marinara, marinated mushroom walnut ‘meat’ and basil pesto between sheets of organic courgette pasta. The layers of this dish are to die for, and when all combined together the explosion of flavours beat any ‘regular’ lasagne hands down.  It was hard to think of ever going back to even a regular vegan lasagne!  We also had the Jackfruit Caesar which was salad with tender shredded jackfruit, coconut bacon, spiced chickpeas and creamy raw cashew caesar dressing. If you think that getting this salad might be a boring option, think again, the mixture of the spicy flavours mixed with the luxurious cashew dressing and the meatiness of the jackfruit worked in perfect synchronicity.

Despite being pretty full from starters and mains, we were lured over to the glass cabinet packed with beautifully presented cakes.  We gave in and decided to share the salted caramel slice, raw caramel made of maple syrup, gooey dates, coconut oil and algaroba superfood over a gluten free millionaire shortbread and topped with raw chocolate. The word indulgent does not do it justice, we were blown away how something so delicious could be so… well… clean.  This hidden away little haven is perhaps South Kensington’s best kept secret – and now we have shared it with you.

TUBE: south kensington
PRICE: £££
ATMOSPHERE: ★ ★ ★ ★ 

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