Kalifornia Kitchen

Healthy is Sexy

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Millennial pink has turned a sugary shade in this brand spanking new restaurant on Percy Street. We’re talking pink façade, pink staircase, pink chairs, pink menus, pink croissants. And don’t forget the Himalayan pink salt.


‘Kalifornia Kitchen’ is sprawled across the wall in pink neon letters (now becoming as ubiquitous in vegan establishments as mac n cheese). The staff t-shirts say ‘Bad Vegan’ on the back. The customers range from twenty-somethings to a lone businessman. The kitchen is front and centre. And the menu is small enough not to bring on the FOMO sweats. Two different Moving Mountains burgers, Jackfruit and Guac Tacos, a Rainbow Bowl and more. The food did not disappoint – the MM burger could fool a non-vegan and the Jackfruit tacos were perfectly flavoured alongside a kale and pickled red cabbage salad. A special mention goes out to the smoked paprika and thyme fries. Sadly they’d run out of pink croissants but we did cap off the meal with a chocolate noir tea which is tea leaves infused with cacao. Smells like chocolate, tastes like chocolate, looks like tea. Weird but LOVELY.

TUBE: Tottenham court road
PRICE: £££

central, all of londonEmma Ewbank