This Vegan City

 this vegan city was set up by
two vegans who started
recognising the growth of
veganism and the explosion of
restaurants and shops popping
up all over London. Now also 
expanding into Toronto,
our aim is to share with
you the best we
have found.


about us



Emma, who works as a book cover designer by day, was a vegetarian from an early age and was introduced to veganism in 2016 after Laura educated her on the dairy and egg industry. She went on to watch Cowspiracy, Before The Flood,  Dairy Is Scary and attempted to watch Earthlings.  After that, she didn’t look backA great animal lover, however due to her small flat and full time job does not have any companion animals herself, although is a regular dog sitter of Blue the staffie and Elle the frenchie.



Laura’s background is in advertising and movie production. She was inspired by Emma to become a vegetarian in her late twenties. After watching Vegucated in 2015, she immediately switched to a plant based diet, and soon after made simple switches elsewhere in her life such as clothing and beauty products. At times it was a rocky road with no one to share her experience, and it wasn’t until her son arrived in 2016 that she committed to a vegan lifestyle completely. Leo is now 2 and a flourishing vegan.


toronto correspondent

Michael Young is a writer, recovering actor and environmentalist who has recently taken the plunge into full veganism. Inspired to do so after reconnecting with an old friend turned animal-rights activist, he quickly realized two things: that Toronto is FULL of plant-based dining options. And that he doesn't know the half of them. So, accompanied by Darcy (the vegan husky) and Gary (the wacky boyfriend), Michael will eat his way across Toronto, aka this vegan city, reporting back on the highlights. 


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